10 facts to make you feel better about yourself


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Deep diving straight into what we all can do to fight the lows in life. So here our 10 facts to make you feel better about yourself.

#1- Start loving yourself :

Love yourself

Yes !! You got me right , love yourself is going to be my umbrella for all my other points. You must foremost love and care for yourself . Put yourself on your priority list sometimes for sure . Find time for yourself, do things you love , things that give you happiness.

#2 – Trick yourself into one thing at a time :

Everyday is a fresh start

As mentioned by Dale Carnegie in his famous book – Stop Worrying and Start Living , I would request you all to start living in day-tight packages. Live a day at once and you don’t have to figure it all at the same time.. no one ever did it Boss !! Rome was not built in one day.So, pick up something you wish to do and give your shot to it.

#3 – Train yourself into being happier :

Be happy : ways to feel better about yourself

Replace each negative thought in your mind with 3 positive ones. Yes, it’s going to be difficult at the first but what doesn’t work out if you keep trying . So start off right away !

#4 – Pick up your long lost hobby :

Dark chocolates and photography : ways to feel better about yourself

Go go take a deep breath and peek a boo into your inner self and you will have the answer of this long lost hobby.. do it for a while … and see how this works magic !

#5 – A walk or a jog will definitely send out something special  :

That  something special are the endorphins , our happy hormones and mood boosters . You can also join the marathons or any monthly challenges to help you stay on track with the regular exercise habits.

#6 – Music be it loud or soft :

Pick up your headphones and tune into your favourite playlists . Do let me know if it didn’t make you feel better right away. It has the power to heal, to motivate and to relieve .

#7 –  Pen down how you feel  :

Pen down how you feel : ways to feel better about yourself

We all need not be inborn  writers to do this , but just keep putting your feelings down on a pen and paper .Dont you dare to care about the grammar or use of flowery language. Just let it flow out and you will notice how you become aware of your thoughts and this is where the magic is…

#8 – Hydrate yourself well:

Its a wonderful time to grab your glasses of water or healthy juice.Fluids create their own magic when it comes down to calming you and making you feel better instantly.

#9 – Head out for a sumptuous meal :

Good food is a very well known key to send relief to the heart and stomach which in turn carry good signals to the brain. But here, please be cautious on emotional eating. Though , one chocolate wouldn’t do any harm especially if it’s a dark one.

#10 – Sift through your to – buy list :

Window shopping is also no harm here but by just moving out at times helps in tricking the mind and body to feel better about their existence.

Nothing works if you don’t want it to, so grab this chance for your yolo (you only live once) moment and make yourself feel better !!


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