10 interesting facts about Norway


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In northern Europe, Norway is officially known as a Nordic country. Between the borders of Norway from west to north lies Sweden, a Nordic country. Sweden is a country with a lot of light and a lot of darkness. In winter it’s dark almost all the time. As Norway is energized with gas and oil exportation, it is extremely rich and a stable country. Let’s dive into some interesting facts where beautiful lights of aurora reside in the skies of Norway.

#1. Summer

norway summer

During the summer in the very north of Sweden, the sun never sets between the end of May, until the middle of July. People can see the sun almost 24 hours a day which is called, midnight sun.

#2. Winter

norway winter

During winter in the very north of Sweden for a couple of weeks, the sun never rises above the horizon. No sunlight for about a month which is called polar night.

#3. Northern lights

norway northern lights

Particles from storms on the surface of the sun come traveling towards the earth, colliding with its magnetic field and creating aurora borealis. The northern lights that dance in the sky.

#4. Common dish


Taco is far and away from the foremost popular dinner on Friday nights in Norway. Homemade tacos are Norway’s national dish.

#5. Pizza story


Norway is that the only country that consumes the foremost pizza, about all pies, per person, per year, of any nation on earth.

#6. National food

Farikal is Norway’s national dish. It’s an easy stew made with lamb, cabbage, black peppercorns, salt, and water. It’s consumed in fall after the sheep are collected for the winter months.

#7. Border with Russia

Norway has a land border with Russia. Norway-Russia border is 120 miles long. Norwegians cross over the border to buy cheaper fuel for their cars, while Russians cross over to buy better quality goods in Kirkenes.

#8. Common stuff

It is habitual for Norwegians to leave their infants sleeping outside even if temperatures are low as 23F (-5c).

#9. Ice water bath

A popular hobby in Sweden, Denmark, and Norway, the ice-cold water that surrounds the body when winter bathing offers a wave of health benefits. Normal people enjoy ice bathing in Norway, it is a Nordic morning routine and people over there love it.

#10. The law


Jante law values modesty, respect, admiration, simplicity, and equality are a priority. Norwegian people are not vocal about their achievements and are generally unimpressed by those who show off about such things.

Norway rocks the winter Olympics despite having a low population of fewer people, Norway has won more medals than any other country in Olympic history.

So now you know there’s more to Norway other than its beauty of northern lights.


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