10 interesting facts one must know about animals


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Animals, like humans have a lot of interesting facts about them.

Human’s have discovered quite a few of them, infact these facts make some of these animals scary while the others very endearing to human kind.

#1- Dragonflies create a heart with their tails when mating-

Animals that create a heart with their tails when mating

Dragonflies typically symbolizes a lot of things from changes, transformation and adaptability to sign of spiritual growth and emotional maturity. They’re considered as a good sign. But what is an interesting fact not known to many is that they form a heart symbol with their tails while mating. Now that is true Love.

#2- Wild Chimpanzees enjoy getting high, Wild animals eh!!! –

Interesting word play here, I didn’t mean they love to climb high up but, they love getting tipsy drinking alcohol. Over the years researchers have discovered an evolutionary connection between humans consuming alcohol and chimps going after naturally fermented alcohol. It’s also been named as the “Drunken Monkey Hypothesis”.

#3- Male animals that give birth to their young ones-

Unlike every other living creature on Earth, seahorses are the only ones where a male will experience pregnancy. They have pouches on their stomachs that can carry upto 2000 babies at a time!

#4- A Koala’s fingerprint can taint a crime scene- An animal close to our fingers.

A Koala's fingerprint can taint a crime scene : Interesting fact about animals

Koalas don’t come across as an animal that can have a lot in common with humans, but their fingerprints are very similar to ours and if allowed inside a crime scene they can taint it.

#5- Some sharks glow in the dark-

Animals that glow in the dark

The meanest killing machine known to man has so many enviable and terrifying features like their sleek build and razor sharp powerful teeth. Now, glow in the dark seems like something out of sci-fi movie but they exist in real life. Researchers were aware that shark glow was visible to other sharks but now, scientists have discovered that small molecule metabolites causes a green glow on some of them that helps identifying other sharks and fight against infection on microbial level.

#6- Moray eels have a second pair of jaws (Alien Style)-

Eels are kind of creepy as it is and the fact that they have an alien styled second pair of jaws isn’t going to endear them to anybody. These secondary set of jaws is called pharyngeal jaws located in the throat and emerges to grasp its prey.

#7- Slow lorises are the only primates that are venomous-

Beware that not everything cute is harmless. Definitely not a slow loris. Toxins are secreted from their inner arm by these adorable animals. Usually their bite causes anaphylactic shock and in some cases death in humans.

#8- Flamingos are naturally white-


Most of us are aware of Flamingos. And we all watch them in awe with the color they create. But they’re naturally white and their pink color is caused due to their diet of Brine shrimp and algae.

#9- Fruit bats (Yes, the animal not some eatery!!!) don’t use Echolocation-

Fruit bats (Yes, the animal not some eatery!!!) don't use Echolocation

Bats usually use Echolocation to navigate and find food in the dark. But contrary to that fruit bats have excellent senses of sight and smell.

#10- Alligators are smart animals-

I say this because in case of an aquatic traffic jam, they give right of way to Manatees. Not something that is expected out of one of the most dangerous reptiles.


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