10 interesting facts one must know about the brain


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The command center for all nervous system and the most complicated structure in the human body is the Brain. It is a mystery that can be solved only by itself. Imagine, unraveling the riddle that is formation of thoughts, memory creation and storage and much more may seem like a headache inducing work, but your grey matter is upto the task.

From thoughts, decision making, memory or taking up any information and spitting out a conclusion is a days work for the ultimate processing unit. That said if one has to demystify the most mysterious part of one’s body then they better lay out some facts and proofs.

#1- It is mostly fat!!!

We all know that the average adult brain weighs 1.4 KG’s, but did you know that around 60% of it is fat? Surprise surprise.

#2- Brain is kinda cross-wired-


Everybody knows that the brain is split into the left and right side and their functionalities vary. What is also interesting is that the left side of the brain controls the muscles on the right and vice versa.

#3- The brain is always working-

Similar to the other important organ in our body (the heart), Brain also works around the clock. Quite simply it has to for one to function normal and to stay safe. Proof of this when you sleep one dreams, it is the organ that sets up the whole scenario.

#4- The human brain grows 3 times its size since birth-

From birth to up until a kid turns one the brain will grow 3 times in size. That’s not all, it continues to grow until one is 18 years old. But quashing any doubts here that a bigger brain doesn’t make you smarter!!!

#5- Can store loads of data-

Ability of the brain to perceive the world and generate thoughts is awesome, but memory is also amazing. Around 2,500,000 GB of information can be stored.

#6- Brain can be trained-

Train your Brain

If one wants to remember information, then repetition is the key. So does adding context. Which means one can train the brain to remember things effectively by stringing a few bits of information along with a context. Flooding of information in a short time also doesn’t help the memory. Try drip feeding information to remember for a longer duration.

#7- Power naps are good-

The craving that we feel to sleep at 3 P.M is natural. It’s the brain’s way of telling that it needs a little rest. Keep this in mind while scheduling your day to be more effective. Yawning is the reaction that more oxygen is required and it’s controlled by neurotransmitters in the brain.

#8- One of the fastest and efficient supercomputer-

The world’s fastest supercomputer in terms of power consumption requires around 24 million Watts of power to operate, whereas our brain requires only 20 Watts. To boot it also operates about 100,000 times faster.

#9- Brain cannot experience pain-


This is one of the most interesting and useful fact for it allows the doctors to pinpoint particular regions like speech or movement. This can be probed when the patient is awake as no pain is experienced.

#10- Music has a quantifiable effect-

Researchers have discovered that when guitar players are hooked to electrodes, brainwaves of the musicians synchronize when they play duets.


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