10 little secrets women hide from men


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As they say secrets and women go hand in hand, it is not so easy to understand what a women tries to convey from her true self , over considering her loving and caring image always .

Trying to reveal the answer behind one of the ever exploring question :

            What does a women hide ?

#1- Her Flings , crushes and ‘funny times‘ :

This is something she will keep hush hush about , simply because she doesn’t want you to judge her at any point of life .

#2- The depth of  stories with her ex :

In continuation to the above point the tales of her x-men is not something for you to take a deep dive into. Now this is because she doesn’t want to hurt you and even for once think that what’s with you today was with someone else some other day.

#3-  Truth about your kin and how they annoy her at times :

Her caring nature makes her the last one on the list to tell you what she constantly feels about your family.Yes boss! You got it right , she will never let you know her true feelings for your kin . She just never wants to be the soury bit in any of your relationships.

#4- The beauty secrets :

These are special to her and her girlies , the little hacks of their life are better unknown to you .

#5The number of times her face had a salt water bath :

Adding to the satirical bit here, all I mean is that she will never let you know how many times you were the reason behind the tears in her eyes unless and until you have provoked her to an extent.This is credited to her moodiness as well,so not always you are responsible for all those cries.

#6- She’s testing you observing and analysing you every minute

Yes, a lot more than you can imagine because ‘you’ as her choice represent her choice her way of deciding the one for her to the world. Though she doesn’t like being judged but she would have evaluated you , scanned through your flaws and appreciative abilities countless number of times.

#7- She says she is ready or will be there in 15mins..

Be rest assured to wait for another 7mins after her ‘ I am ready ‘ and her leaving in 15 for the later statement. These are all proven facts in due course of time and conducted surveys.

#8- No matter what she says she needs constant indications that you want her around :

Now here we are telling you that women cannot live without you or anything of this sort.. But what we are trying to convey is why give someone the opportunity of feeling unloved and taken for granted genuinely. So, next time she says .. hmm it’s ok I will manage on my own.. don’t miss out on a chance to surprise her with your presence and help ! 

#9More love , less Fear :

In order to keep up the happiness and calm in your relationship try not to give her reasons to feel ignored , she doesn’t wish to beg for attention but deep down its what matters the most make her feel loved and special always.

#10- She’s mostly tired doing the cleaning tasks for you and the fam

  .. for which she even wishes for a world where you don’t exist any longer. She will keep burning the midnight oil to make it get better and brighter for everybody . But, a layer below all she desires is a day to do nothing at times.

Cherish these little tips and I sincerely hope they help you know and understand women better.. and you have the hints to the answer for the world famous question of
          “What women want ?”


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