10 psychological facts about love and crushes


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Crushes and Love, two terms that will either bring a broad smile or a smirk from each and everyone of us depending on the experience we have had. “Experience” is the key word here. That is what will bring us either joy or sadness. But, there are also some weird psychological facts that are in play with whom we may fall in love with or on whom we may get a random sudden crush on. Let’s dive right in.

Love is a bright spark


#1- Opposites attract:

We have heard this a million times and it is also scientifically proved that opposite poles do attract each other in terms of a magnet. But is it true in terms of a human being’s feelings? Chances are that you will get attracted to the very opposite person of yourself quite easily. What is it they say about chemistry? Oh yeah, it does cook up a nice reaction here.

#2- Time taken to fall in love varies for a man and a woman:

We like you too :)

It is scientifically proven that a woman may take upto 15 days or more to fall in love with another person, whereas a man hardly takes 8.2 seconds. Sigh! No wonder love at first sight examples are more often than not given by Men.

#3- Where there is love, there is an argument right around the corner:

Yes, you read that right my dear friends. Arguments usually tend to take place with the ones you love. Lack of it is usually down to lack of interest in that particular person. That doesn’t mean one has to go looking for reasons to argue or fight. That is looking for trouble.

#4- Beauty lies within the eyes of the beholder:

Not everyone finds the girl/boy you find attractive as good looking or beautiful. Each one of us are wired differently and tend to have a specific taste in love. We see things differently and get attracted to different things. Hence the saying.

#5- Duration of a crush:

You are my Crush

How long can one crush on a person? A day? a week? a month? a year? Where do draw a line and tell yes this has moved to the next step or even the worst scenario being that one doesn’t crush on that person anymore. Well, a crush usually lasts around “FOUR” months. Enough time to gauge and know if the person on the other side is worth all the pain and love after all. If by chance you have a crush for more than four months, then buddy go ahead and ask him/her out, you are in LOVE mate.

#6- Legend has it that if you can’t sleep, then you are awake in someone else’ dream:

Science of blush

I have no idea how many of us have gotten to experience this feeling but I surely sleep and sleep well every night. I know now for sure that nobody dreams about me.

#7- The science behind a blush

We all blush when that name is said out loud, or even when that person is next to us, or when he/she involuntarily jokes us up. It is because we find him/her attractive. It is an involuntary reflex on the nervous system that releases adrenaline that improves the blood flow thereby causing reddening of the cheeks. For women, this indicates youthfulness and fertility that attracts. Men, on the other hand are wired different, we find those elusive pink cheeks attractive and as a sign.

#8- There is only one special one :

This is the sign you have been looking for

Girls/Women will have many number of crushes, but hey their heart only belong one special guy.

#9- Bader-Meinhof Phenomenon

The illusion of constantly being around what you want

I’m quietly confident we have all experienced this phenomenon, but do we know what it is? Go ahead google it folks!!!

#10- Make ’em laugh

This is for all the guys out there, yes six packs and fancy gadgets are sexy but then to truly win over your woman is to make her laugh her guts out!!! That strong sense of humour always helps masks other things and gets the job done.


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