10 psychological facts about people


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Psychology, is one of the most interesting topics to delve into. Simply, because how better would the world be if we understand each other better.

So, here are some facts to help you get to know other people better.

#1- Communication and emotions go hand in hand  : 

Communication and emotions go hand in hand

It is a misconception that emotions affect your communication, but instead it’s vice versa, a heart to heart communication with your bestie can definitely create wonders with your emotions and moods. The same is with reading too.Read good to keep your mood good .

#2- Psychological studies say   : 

There are 3 things one can never live about , food is prime number then comes pleasure , consider it bodily and mentally both and the last one is something you wouldn’t believe quite easily. But, it is there on the list and it’s fear , danger .

#3-It’s not always true that you don’t dream at all  :

Its been proven time and again that scary dreams remain in our memory more than pleasant ones. So, it’s very much possible that if you have had a sound sleep and you wake up smiling , it’s very much possible that you had a pleasant dream.

#4-  Here’s a special one for the givers of our community : 

Yes, there is a proven fact by our psychologists that your happiness levels are boosted up when you spend on and for your dear ones. But, be careful not to overdo the limit , later you shall repent !!

#5- Here’s one for the chatters  : 

If your dear one , is chatting more with you than speaking in person , take a serious note on this one then. It is a psychological fact that more than 90% of folks prefer to text what they can’t speak out.

#6- How many friends can one actually have !? : 


A specially coined number exists for this one and it is the Dunbar’s Number . This signifies that you may have endless followers or friends on social media, but there is approx of 50-200 folks you maintain close ties with, others are all passer by’s.

#7- How much can you memorise at once ?!  :

Psychologists say that no more than 3-4 things can be actually by hearted by the brain at once until you keep refreshing and reiterating. So, remember to read through your notes, surf through your closets and wardrobes,  to remember well .

#8- Have you tried talking and reading at once ?! : 

On the contrary to the normal norm, there is nothing as multitasking that exists !! Hence, one can never talk and read at once. Bringing psychologists to my rescue of satiating this fact, not more than one cognitive behaviour can be performed by the brain at the same time.

#9- There is one more trait that matters more than your appearance   : 

self confidence

It’s the controllable key to success , your self confidence, that enhances your appearance like nothing else. Dressing well goes hand in hand with this one but not the beauty of being fair skinned or dark . The thoughts , the crisp ideas and way you present them reflect it and matter more.

#10- A pen and paper works best to help you destress: 

If you are feeling the nerves palpitating everywhere, psychological pressures are uncontrollable amidst your increasing stress levels, Do this thing for sure. Find your place, sit down, take out your notepad and pen and write it all out. Let me know if you don’t feel better .


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