10 shocking facts about pregnancy no one tells you


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Pregnancy , is the most magical experience of a woman’s life .The bliss of carrying a tiny creature for a span of 9 months is something one can never define.

#1- Not only moodiness but weird one is on high when preggo : 


Its difficult to fathom the thought of being ice cold for a second and being on fire the next minute. Also for instance it’s like craving for a Belgian chocolate chip ice cream at 1am in the night and once it is brought in front of you after all the hard work, you don’t wish to have it.

#2-  Being a leak a boo is the thing in pregnancy :

Mom with baby

Being a peak a boo is ok but being a leak a boo during and after pregnancy is something. Research and surveys have revealed that these are the times in life where fluids can ooze out from anywhere and everywhere of your body parts.

#3- Growing a third leg feeling in pregnant women :


Yes, you read it correctly ,many of the preggo women feel like they are developing a third leg . This illusion is created due to growing human being inside them causing the skin to stretch and sag . Sometimes anal fissures are also a result of this skin stretching to accommodate more in the small space.

#4-  Having weird dreams when expecting  :

Having dreams is understandable . But during these times you would rarely get a good sleep , and that can definitely be ruined by the weirdest of dreams like you pulling out live toys from your bump.

#5- Being a full blown gas cloud always as an expectant : 


Yeah, a pregnant woman would be a gas house always !! Just imagine someone developing in you and trying to take up food from your stomach, won’t you mess up if you were one of the digestive enzymes or a part of the gastrointestinal family.

#6- Permanent morning sickness throughout all of being an expectant : 

Firstly you haven’t slept well, and secondly every morning all you would want is to puke without any prior symptoms. It’s all an instant reaction and definitely one of the first few symptoms of the good news coming along.

#7- One is smelly always when pregnant : 

Sometimes you would want to keep showering or stay in a pool of deodorant cause of the stuffiness you experience during pregnancy.

#8- Constipation is an added issue that crops up when you are expecting  : 

Like I said earlier in pregnancy it’s all the little one wanting to share your food. The digestive enzymes are threatened by the presence of the new one and thus the mess up.

#9- Congestion and cold become your permanent roommates during pregnancy : 

Be it summer or winter, irrespective of weather change. Despite, you taking good care of your immunity, during the preggo days, you would be prone to a congestion constantly.

#10- Allergies of various types are your new friends Mrs. Preggo :


These are allergies you never had ever, but you would have developed them in your special period . The bliss comes with these added blessings . These are blessings which make the bringing of your baby into this world an experience of its kind.

So , even though you feel oh yeah, once I have handled it , this time I will walk through this phase like pro. It’s time for you to take a good laugh on yourself as it’s never the same twice.


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