10 things that happen to your body after you turn 30


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For all the quotes about 40 being the new 20 and so on, turning 30 years old is a huge deal for many of us. One would always like to think of themselves as a youngster no matter what the age. I for one will always believe that I’m sweet 16. But, your body will not be the same and you will start to notice certain changes.

#1- Metabolism slows down-


As we hit our 30’s, our metabolism slows down meaning those of us who wants to loose some weight and get that summer body should have started working long back. Because once you hit 30 burning fat is going to be that much more difficult. Unless we have a balanced diet and regular exercises we are sure to put on weight and our favorite clothes will become tighter.

#2- Fertility and hormonal changes-


“The biological clock is ticking”. This is something every women would have heard at some point in their lives. For some it may actually be an issue while for others it may not, but that clock definitely is ticking for all. In our 30’s fertility will start reducing, where pre-menopause is a concern with symptoms like irregular periods, worsening PMS, mood swings etc.

#3- Love and Sex-


Chances are that most of us would have found the one who will truly make us happy. For the rest well keep trying as love is the one thing that inspires us and keeps us going. One’s sex life also becomes better as one tends to understand and love their body better. This in turn will make us confident with our partner.

#4- Grey hair and wrinkles-

Wrinkles are the first sign of adulthood. As much as we deny it, time stops for no-one. The main problem with with wrinkles is that it will make you realize that you’re getting old.
Then there is the small issue with grey hair. Plucking them is not an option in your 30’s as they usually cover your whole head. But current trend suggests white hair is sexy. So that’s one problem solved!!!

#5- Hangovers are a real thing-

During our 20’s, I’m sure we would’ve all bragged about not having any hangover. Well, that’s a thing of the past as slowly but surely that stinging headache will become a normality if one keeps up his/her party lifestyle.

#6- Dating pool is smaller-

In the US alone the average age for marriage is 27 for women and 29 for men. So by the time you hit 30, most of your friends are probably married and as for us (Indians) they’d also have kid to call you uncle or aunt!!! The potential of finding a match therefore shrinks considerably. Choosing a potential partner is going to be that much more difficult.

#7- Max heart rate slows down-


This is a big cause for concern as researchers have found that an average man’s maximum attainable heart rate decreases by one beat/min/year. And that lessens the peak capacity to pump blood by 5-10% per decade. Now even a slight increase in your cholesterol levels and the chances of long term impact on the heart increases many folds.

#8- Body pain is real-

Especially your back. You sit for too long, your back hurts. You stand for too long your back hurts or even if sleep for too long. Then you have the ever increasing frequency of your joints paining if you overdo anything at all.

#9- Your body asks for comfort rather than style-

Younger days are when one wants to experiment with high heels and different variety of dresses no matter the weather. As we hit 30 we prefer comfortable clothes and footwear. Rock those flats eh!!!

#10- Calmness personified-

For everything and anything that happens around you, you take that extra second to analyse whats going on before taking that decision. 30’s and upwards are the time one starts to become more calm and thoughtful.


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