10 things to know while connecting to free wifi


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In the words of Stephen Hawking …

We are all now connected by the Internet, like neurons in the giant brain.

Yes it is definitely thanks to the world of internet that long distance relationships are working great .. parents with kids settled abroad do not feel lonely anymore.. video calls , voice calls and a pool of information is readily available for either a very low cost or the free wifi given to you especially at public locations. But as is the beauty of anything in this nature it comes with two sides always..having its own pros and cons . On one hand it brings to you 24*7 connectivity with your loved ones , on the other , please make a very important of the fact that your ‘data’ is at the prey of many hackers over the darkside of the internet , technically termed as the darknet. So quickly make a note in your brain, to be cautious of the following items,next time when you are happily connecting to free wifi :

free wifi

#1 – Go for secured connection always :


Keep an eye for accessing the HTTPS versions of the website over HTTP ones simply because the former is helping you connect to a secured version of hypertext transfer protocol which is essential in the exchange of information you provide over the internet .

#2 – Beware of suspicious urls :

Be cautious of the tweaks in the common urls .. a trick used by many hackers to fool their preys. Use of appropriate browsers will definitely come to your aid here .

#3 – Beware of sharing your bank details :

bank details

Do not ever share your monetory controls related information over such readily available internet connections. It is from such cases bank accounts are hacked and several frauds are given birth too without any redemption possible from bank as they would simply be termed as online transactions.

#4 – 2fa connections are better to trust :

Try to opt for connections with two factor authentication, they are less suspicious than the ones without them. A two factor authentication (2fa) is where apart from the basic username password entry system another level of information is required for safe and secure login.

#5 – Antivirus should be updated :

Use appropriate antivirus checks on your devices, regularly run to avoid any threats .

#6 – Do not leave your hotspot signals

Do not leave your hotspot signals on and ready for pick up when not using it , it unnecessarily drains the battery too .

#7 – Restrict the data and permissions of your valuable applications


Restrict the data and permissions of your valuable applications,else they are definitely at the eye of the hackers when you leave your wifi to connect automatically option .

#8 – Turn off Bluetooth and wifi when not using it..

Turn off Bluetooth and wifi when not using it,uncheck the connect automatically option for free wifi’s. These days your data protection is in your hands.

#9 – Disable your sharing over unknown wifi ..

Disable your sharing over unknown wifi,be cautious over whom you share your data with.. it’s essential especially when sharing data over applications like share it , xender .

#10 – Always use a virtual private network

Always use a virtual private network when using free wifi as it gives an isolated level of security. You can use apps like cisco any connect from the playstore for iOS and Android devices.

Happy and safe surfing guys !


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