10 Weird Facts about the Human Body


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The Human Body is a strange and fascinating mystery to each of us. For example, take your tongue prints (Ok, I didn’t know that was a thing) are as unique as your fingerprints. Similarly there are many weird facts about the human body that will fascinate each of us! Of course, it helps knowing our body that much better. Here, we shall take a look at ten of these weird facts. Tongue Prints are unique


#1 – You are about a centimeter taller in the morning –

When you first get up than when you go to bed. This is due to the fact that during the day, our soft tissues (cartilage) between our bones gets squashed and compressed. Don’t worry, you would soon return to being a centimeter smaller as the day progresses for the very same reason.

#2 – It’s common knowledge that snakes shed their outer skin –

But did you know that a human being’s skin is replaced completely over the period of one month? That means one may have around 1000 different skins throughout their life!

#3 – Every minute at least 30,000 dead skin cells are shed –


Every living organism is made of cells. They are the ones that make us tick. We also know that one is composed of millions of cells. What we might not remember of is that it is a fact . Not to worry they are almost always replaced immediately (else life wouldn’t be as smooth as it is!)

#4 – An interesting one on excretion

Excretion is process of pushing out waste matter from our system. In common terms it’s called pooping. Spread across one’s lifetime, it’s interesting to know that one would’ve spent around year sitting on the commode.

#5 – Do you know the part in our body that doesn’t require blood

The cornea is that transparent layer that covers the front part of the eye. Now why did I mention this? We all know that Oxygen is required by every part in our body to function and that is supplied via the bloodstream. But the Cornea is the only part of the body with no blood supply. the where does it get its Oxygen supply from? Go ahead google it!

#6-Here’s a scary fact though

Some tumours can actually grow their own hair and teeth!!! These are called teratomas.

#7-On a lighter note-

One cannot swallow and breathe at an equivalent time. Please don’t try to either!!

#8-We have almost two of every organ and we only need one to survive-

One of those is the Kidney where the left kidney is slightly higher than the right one. This is because of the liver which is situated right below the right kidney.

#9-“Pregnancy Brain” is the actual thing


Typically refers to the fact that there happens lapses in attention and memory. Studies have found that after giving birth the initial period shows changes in several key brain regions.

#10-We eat, we digest,we excrete-

But the last part in that process is not as simple as it sounds. Digestion happens with a combination of acids which are actually dangerous. So much so that it can burn right through one’s skin. Heck it can even dissolve metal!


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