15 interesting facts on life


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Before proceeding further to enlighten ourselves on some interesting facts on life I would first like to check your knowledge on knowing what exactly is interesting and what exactly is life. Don’t worry you’re not giving an exam so I am going to help you through the correct definition of both the terms “interesting” and “life”. Something that holds or catches our attention/interest is definitely interesting in life and life is the essence of beautiful being on this earth be it either in the form of botany or wildlife or complicated humans . Now let’s take the rollercoaster ride on knowing things that were not so known to you before you read this article at ilsned.com


#1- Your eye has a better camera than the latest iPhone 7 :

It has been proven scientifically that our eyes can resolute up till 576 megapixels assuming perfect visual acuity which refers to the sharper clearer and focussed vision.

#2- Pretty white cats with blue eyes are born …. :

This is a little sad news coming your way.. but it is again a fact that the beautiful cats as described above are deaf from birth.

#3- Rediscovered species are Lazarus species :

Many add on to the list of the species that went extinct for a while and later were rediscovered , adding on to a special one termed as Lazarus species.The name refers to a Hebrew term meaning God has helped.

#4- A fact about your favourite character in Pokemon Go:

None other than Pokemon who raised up all the trending bars and saw people roam around the streets like crazy playing the Pokemon Go game , were originally named as pocket monsters, who knew they would turn out to be one in real lives.

#5- Can you name a US State with only one syllable ?! :

In order to make easier, let me remind about what a syllable is .. It’s a unit of speech that contains either a set , pair or single vowel sound. Example : Cat is monosyllabic. It is none another than the state of Maine.

#6- A strange fact about new borns in China:

The world’s most populous country has eased the theory of age counting by declaring it’s new borns as 1 year old the day they are born.

#7- The famous hashtag (#) :

The tags that makes searching easier in indexed databases and is otherwise more popular thanks to instagram with flooding of hashtags as image descriptions is known to be an Octothorpe , referring to the 8 points in the pond symbol .

#8-A rare known fact about lefties :

Yes. You are right ! I am talking about the left handed folks who form about 10% of the general population , have a lesser life span as compared to the righties.

#9- Coping up with different time zones :

Isn’t it difficult to continuously cope up with day at your end and night at the client’s location.Well I have something to inspire you,France is the country that handles the most variety of time zones.

#10- An unsolvable mystery of the world.

Every individual you come across is running either behind it or on it.. and very few ones ahead of it.. the super punctual ones. Absolutely ,your brain cells are working well, I am talking about the master of all Time. No one knows when and how it came into the world, it is considered to be an illusion of the human mind.
#11- In relation to the above fact, here’s one more … in every 5 seconds of the mysterious creature Time,

500,000 chemical reactions occur in a single cell of our body,70 cups of tea and 254 cups of coffee are drunk,205000 Facebook posts are posted and Amazon nearly sells $7000 worth of products..

#12- Here’s to one more astonishing one ..

No matter how much you say , I have tried my best I am unable to do more, I am done for the day .. just Roger this that all you would have used is 10% of your brain and remaining 90% is just unconscious at the moment always !

#13-This one is definitely a Did you know?!

We are made of 99% empty space.Now let’s hear the justification from the experts, they say that as we are made up of tiny minuscule particles called atoms and only 1% of it contains protons , neurons and electrons .The remaining bit is nothing but 99% empty space. So, the fact goes like, if we keep aside the empty space of every human being on the earth, we could all squeeze into the space occupied by a sugar cube !?

#14- In the deck of cards, what’s different amongst the king of hearts and other kings ?

Think ! Think ! Go fetch your favourite card stock and I plead you not to google this atleast.. you will notice that this is the only king without a moustache. The reference dates back to them being related to as real life kings and the king of hearts was designed like Charles the great, who did not have a moustache.

#15- The last but not the least..

In continuation to the talk of one of the most cherished sources of entertainment, playing cards or the world famous game solitaire, the suits of decks symbolised different things.

Hearts meant churches , spades stood for the military, the club’s for the agriculture and the diamonds for none other than wealthy merchants

Hope you enjoyed reading this list !!


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