Commitment: 10 signs you actually understand what it means


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Commitment is a word that is bandied about a lot these days. For some of us millennials it is also something of a fear. Flip the coin and you have some people who use the term very lightly, not appreciating the value commitment holds to the other person. Now if you’re wondering what the word commitment means then you my friend have navigated to the right place. There are plenty of signs that show you actually understand commitment and what it takes. Here are a few though.

#1- Time spent is time gained-


In modern times, the greatest gift one can give another is “TIME”. A person who is truly loyal to the cause will spend time in grooming and harvesting the cause. Be it a relationship, goal or even a simple idea. Time spent on it according to me is time gained and not spent.

#2- They are always in your thoughts-


We have all loved a person or even something so much that they or it is always on our minds. For example- we would end up having thoughts about them in the supermarket when we want to get something and see a chocolate or some food that is loved by the other person. And lo and behold we stand there for a few seconds grinning!!!

#3- Sacrifices-

A person who is dedicated will go to any lengths and sacrifices to keep their relationship intact. What is something out of scope for an outsider will be a cakewalk for the people involved.

#4- You speak about your deepest secrets-


Being human beings, we all have something or the other that is buried deep down which hardly one or two would know about. They’re probably the ones who you are most committed and loyal too. Keep in mind that if a person shares his/her deepest secrets with you, then they are truly committed to you.

#5- Understanding that the other person has a life-

Two people who are committed to each other doesnt have to spend the entire day in other’s pockets. They recognize the need for the other person to have a social life and their own set of friends and interests.

#6- It is always entirely a WE and not an I-


When it comes to commitment, the modus operandi is a WE. Thought process is about how it will affect the both of you rather than you alone. After all, you ain’t in it alone. We all would love a helping hand no matter what we say.

#7- YOU are the priority-


A person who is committed to you will make you the priority. They would make the time available to spend it on you no matter how busy a schedule they may have. Here is a person who is going out of their way to show commitment. Don’t let such a person slip through your fingers!!!

#8- Baggage-

Someone who understand commitment will also understand the fact that they cannot carry the baggage of their past relationship onto their current ones. Note that, we all have our share of baggage. Not learning from that is the real problem in moving forward.

#9- Acceptance will give oneself inner peace and move forward with commitment-


The true sign of a person willing to commit is that they are ready to accept the past of the other and weave a future together by reinventing themselves.

#10- Work as team and compromise-


There is a famous saying that one cannot clap with one hand. Similarly commitment is a two way street. Work as a team and compromise where necessary.


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