Follow These 10 Methods So You Can Fall Asleep Early


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Do you have difficulty falling asleep? Every person knows how important it is to sleep. An adult needs to sleep for around 6-8 hours every night. However, there can be people who have difficulty falling asleep easily. So, for these people, even if they try to get a night of good 8-hour sleep, it becomes almost impossible. As a consequence, their entire day is ruined. However, you can follow these 10 ways to fall asleep once your head hits the pillow:

#1. Lowering the temperature

When you fall asleep, your core temperature starts to fall while your feet and hands get warmer. So, your room temperature needs to be cool when you are falling asleep. Lower your room temperature to around 15-23 degrees celsius to get a good night’s sleep.

#2. Meditation



Sometimes, when you do not have a calm mind, you can end up staying awake. Practice meditation. Meditation will help lower your stress and improve your brain chemistry to deal with stress better. It will make you more mindful of the present and take away worries of the future or regrets of the past.

#3. Don’t nap in the day


Many people want to take an afternoon siesta just because they feel a little bit tired. This can affect your sleep at night. Generally, sleeping in the afternoon can affect your sleep quality at night. You will wake up tired in the morning, and it will affect your mood the whole day.

#4. Yoga

Yoga talks about certain breathing exercises and poses that will help improve blood flow in your body and remove any tightness in your body. Tightness refers to any accumulated tension existing in your body. With the help of yoga, you can beat stress and tension and fall asleep easily.

#5. 4-7-8 – The Breathing method

The 4-7-8 is a wonderful breathing method. You have to place your tongue tip behind your front teeth, and then exhale with your mouth with a whoosh. Inhale and count till 4. Then, hold your breath and count till seven. Again exhale with a whoosh while counting till 8. Repeat thrice.

#6. Eating healthy

healthy diet


Certain foods can aid your sleep and others can harm it. For example, high-carb food can make you fall asleep easily, but it will decrease the sleep quality. Fat-based meals, on the other hand, improve sleep quality. It has also been found that a high-carb diet or low-fat diet can negatively affect sleep quality.

#7. Try staying awake

Quite surprisingly, if you try to sleep consciously, you will not be successful in it. Rather, if you focus on staying awake, quite paradoxically you doze off. Perhaps, the stress of trying to sleep can affect your sleep quality.

#8. Music


Soothing music can help you sleep properly. So, try listening to soothing music like Buddhist chants or nature-based music to slowly doze off.

#9. Journal writing

If you are always having many thoughts running wild in your mind, you can find it difficult to sleep. However, you can let go of this worry by journaling your thoughts and calming your mind. You can also maintain a gratitude journal to keep it all positive.

#10. Reading

Reading is a great way to let go of your stress and find peace. Don’t read on your phone, as the blue-light can affect melatonin secretion, and disrupt your sleep. Rather, go for a physical book, and slowly doze off when sleep hits you.

Try to implement these habits, and eventually, you can fall asleep in seconds!


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