How to deal with anxiety depends on what you feed yourself ?


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Ever heard , why are you so anxious ? What did you eat ?

So, let’s begin with what’s being anxious ?? What is anxiety ? How do you know your are suffering through an anxiety / panic attack ??

As Christine L Hauck’s famous quote defines this condition the best that ..

“When I say Can’t take one even one more thing I really want you to understand I really just can’t”

In a layman’s terms it is when you are exhausted with a lot going inside your head..your energy pangs are at their best fighting away all that your mind is trying to achieve .. the faster they riser.. the faster these deplete.. with less productivity achieved .

To deal with such situations not only can just breathe out or walk through this phase with a calm mind and soulful music , we can definitely avoid it by taking extra care of what goes inside our body , i.e. what we eat … Makes a very important of our routine.
With a little background from the biological field and a lot of research I have penned down a few food items that are a complete no no to help you have a calm life …

#1 – Reduce the intake of high sugars .. like sugary drinks,juices,frosting, doughnuts . The gluten and sugar takes a toll on the blood sugar levels impacting the energy crashes.

#2 – Avoid /reduce the intake of too much caffeine , it makes you jittery and hampers the gut health .
#3 – Fried food .. where trans fat adds on to the bad fat levels are nothing but just good for the tongue and give you the warm feeling on a cold winter day ..
#4 – White bread toasts can be replaced with multi grain or whole grain ones.
#5 – Sodas diet or regular and energy drinks are a strict no.

#6 – Ketchup, soy sauce and salad dressings due to the artificial sweeteners and high fructose corn syrup especially in the latter let the energy levels go for a topsy turvy.

#7- Alcohol has had a long history in messing up with the sleep levels.. so they are no too.

#8 – Avoid processed and canned foods as much as possible, eating fresh is a lot more advisable .
#9 – High fat dairy products have been known to trigger the body’s fight or flight response thanks to its wonder ingredient casein .
#10 – Salt intake should be reduced as it causes a paralyzing effect to the body’s immune system and overall harms the human neurology.

All said and done , my dear readers eat healthy and fresh food , stay hydrated , include more of greens , proteins ,nuts and fruits to your diet in order to control yourself and your moods better.

Here’s wishing you all a very happy and calm life ahead..


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