If you eat banana’s , you must know these 10 interesting facts.


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Banana’s , are the simplest and most popular fruit and food one can have. In accordance to this , I wish to pick up some interesting facts to share on them.

#1- An ideal prebiotic   : 

Being rich in fibre , banana is known to maintain a healthy gut and aids in bowel movement, thus reducing constipation.

#2- A good preworkout snack    : 


The energy levels and brain power this snack provides is incomparable. All thanks to its potassium and carbohydrate content.

#3- Lifts your mood  : 

This yellow with black stripes beauty , banana is a great source of serotonin . Serotonin , is a happy hormone which depends on the content of an amino acid : tryptophan . Eat a banana and get happy is what the famous saying goes like.

#4- Aids in maintaining optimum weight   : 

Banana helps in both weight gain and loss too as per the body’s need. Being rich in dietary fibre does the magic both ways.

#5- Perfect energy supplement  : 

Banana’s are known to be a perfect companion to an athletic person, proving to be an excellent fuel for enduring exercise due to its mineral content besides the other plethora of benefits.

#6- Your healthy companion    : 

Banana , not only helps in lowering  blood pressures, it also reduces the risk of heart diseases by 27%. It aids in a lot of other health benefits like , degenerative illnesses, insulin sensitivity and kidney health too.

#7-  Great destresser  : 

Being a good container of vitamin B6 and tryptophan and antioxidants, banana’s are known to relieve the stress, cranky moods and also help women during PMS times.

#8-   Studies say they help smokers quit : 

The family of vitamin B and other mineral content found in banana’s helps to cover up the urge to smoke, withdrawing the effect of nicotine both psychologically and physically.

#9- Immunity booster   :  

Being a powerhouse of antioxidants and rich source of vitamin C it helps in fighting the common flu .

#10- Moderates sugar levels   : 

Being rich in pectin and resistant starch , does the magic here.They have an average value of 51 glycemic index.

So, all in all , let’s  summarise the benefits of this power fruit . Banana is high in potassium , magnesium, soluble and insoluble fibre content , along with antioxidants . All the above nutrients in this provide an overall healthy mind and body. Moreover, it’s easy to procure, commonly available and ready to eat. Feel free to relish it in any of the cuisines. Be it right from English deserts to South Indian avials or North Indian koftes, it’s yummy yet healthy.


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