Interesting facts about Aquarius


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Aquarius is the 11th sign in the zodiac circle, and its ruling planets are Uranus and Saturn. The symbol of this zodiac is the water bearer. Nurturing and bringing waters of life to humanity. Aquarius loves to discover new things. They are very creative individuals. An Aquarius needs affection, love, and a feeling of emotion to maintain stability in their life. Let us find out a few interesting traits about the Aquarius zodiac sign.

#1. Aquarius loves freedom


In life, Aquarius craves their freedom of living life. Aquarius is deep, emotional, and intuitive like Pisces, its neighboring sign. Aquarius is a fixed sign, Pisces is mutable. Though these individuals share the same qualities as intuition, imagination, creativity, an Aquarius cannot be like a Pisces when it comes to love. Aquarians are emotional people, but Aquarius do not give in to emotions. They do not like it when other people display their emotions and will not offer their shoulder to cry. They often have difficulties handling their own emotions.

#2. Aquarius is moody.

You heard that right. Aquarians are very moody people and can detach and distant someone in a heartbeat. They can get rebellious, stubborn, pessimistic, and defiant. Anger is also their worst trait. They will have fixed opinions and can get very cold, unreasonable, illogical, and wants to be left alone at that time. An Aquarius needs alone time to recharge them to get rid of all these negative emotions.

#3. Aquarius is jealous.


In relationships, Aquarians are the jealous type. They may pretend to be relaxed, but their expressions show everything. When in love they will risk everything for you. Aquarius needs someone who will keep up with them in relationships. They do all the little things which get noticed by their partner and love giving pleasures. Aquarius also loves vulnerability in a partner, and they need a mate who helps them to reach out to their deepest emotions inside and put their intellectual mind away for some time. The opposite sign of Aquarius is Leo. Aquarius needs all the warmth and affection and fiery love, and Leo has all those qualities. Leo is considered best for an Aquarius for marriage or relationships.

#4. Aquarians are visionaries.

Aquarius wants to change the world for good. They are all about innovation, creations, and discoveries. These individuals are modern-day people. They are super intelligent and make great leaders. These people never copy and are genuinely raw. They spend their time thinking about how they can make the world a better place and they will happily create something that can change the world.

#5. Aquarius does not do well with boredom.


Aquarius is constantly stimulated in their mind. They constantly need to feed their mind with new information. Aquarians are restless individuals and cannot just sit without doing anything.

They are honest, extroverted, distant, simple, serious, collective, fanatic, and enjoyable people. Aquarians are attached to their freedom more than anything


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