Interesting Facts About Bipolar Disorder


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Mental Health is still a topic about which we do not talk openly. People still hesitate to talk about their mental health problems. The situation did change slightly in the last few years. There a lot of Mental Health awareness campaigns happening in recent times. This helps people to become more vocal about their problems and sufferings. Bipolar disorder is one such mental disorder. Earlier, people called it manic depression. The disorder characterizes two extremely opposite moods. The signs alter between ‘extreme highs’(mania) and ‘extreme lows’(depression).

Many people still do not know what Bipolar Disorder actually is. And what it exactly feels to live with it. Many individuals are still not mindful of the disorder and its symptoms. There are a lot of interesting facts about the bipolar disorder which many people do not know. And it is extremely important to spread awareness about it.

#1. One can feel mania and depression simultaneously:


The symptoms of Bipolar Disorder can be polar opposites. There can be moments of extreme high when one can feel energetic and restless. And this might again change in a few days or weeks. The same person can then feel exhausted and low. They might not have the energy to do anything, which will be a sign of extremely low or depressed. But sometimes, some people might experience both the episodes simultaneously. This makes the situation extremely complicated.

#2. This disorder can also affect children:

angry child

We generally think that most adults get affected by this disorder. Most people in their mid-twenties or above indeed get this disorder. But it can even occur in children and teenagers. Kids with bipolar disorder may have violent tantrums for quite some time. And after a few hours, it may become extremely happy. This can also affect their personal and academic lives.

#3. Bipolar Disorder needs life-long treatment:

bipolar disorder

It is one such disorder that needs life-long treatments. We cannot treat it once and leave the treatment midway. However, if we continue our treatment and lead a healthy life, it will remain in control. A healthy and disciplined lifestyle is a must for that. Before making any change in your treatment, it is better to take your doctor’s advice.

#4. Different types of Bipolar Disorder:

There are many diverse kinds of bipolar disorder. And all of them do not have the same symptoms. Bipolar disorder I and Bipolar Disorder II are quite different from each other. Bipolar Disorder I has more intense mood fluctuations than the other. Apart from these two categories, there is also cyclothymia. It is not that severe as acute bipolar disorder. The symptoms of cyclothymia are not as extreme as the episodes of bipolar disorder.

#5. Bipolar disorder is not similar to depression:

Many people confuse bipolar disorder with depression. But both of them are greatly different from each other. Bipolar disorder does have depressive episodes, but it is not the same as depression. Most experts say that a thorough check-up can distinguish between the two.


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