Interesting Facts About Brazil


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Brazil is a beautiful and vibrant country. Brazil is most famous for its football team. But apart from that, the country is full of great locations and fascinating culture. We have put together the most interesting facts about the country of Brazil.

#1. Did you know that the name of the country comes from a tree?

The country’s name comes from the term ‘pau-brasil.’ In Portuguese, it means the Brazilwood tree. The capital of the country is also known as Brasilia.

#2. Brazil shares its border with most of the South American countries.


The border of Brazil touches all the South American countries, excluding Chile and Ecuador.

#3. Brazil falls under the category of being among the largest countries in the world.

The country has a vast area of about 8.5 million square kilometers. Moreover, it is also the fifth largest country globally in terms of its geographical location. The country itself comprises almost 47% of the South American continent. A two-thirds portion of the Amazon rainforest also lies in Brazil.

#4. It took only 41 months to build Brasilia.


The capital of Brazil is Brasilia. And it took only forty-one months to construct the entire city. Some of Brazil’s other important towns are São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Brasília, Salvador, Fortaleza, Curitiba, Recife, Porto Alegre, etc.

#5. Brazil produces the maximum amount of coffee in the whole world:

Brazil is actually the largest exporter of coffee in the world. For more than 150 years, Brazil exports the maximum amount of coffee all over the world. The country produces almost 30% of the coffee in the whole world’s production.

#6. The number of plant and animal species is the highest in Brazil.


The biodiversity in Brazil is the most in the world. The country has various kinds of plants and animal species. It has two biodiversity spots- the Atlantic Forest and Savanna. In addition to that, the country also has three large marine ecosystems.

#7. The official language of Brazil:

Portuguese is the official language in Brazil. Moreover, it is also the only country in South America to speak Portuguese.

#8. Till now, Brazil has had three capitals:

The current capital of Brazil is Brasilia. But before Brasilia was the capital of Brazil, it had two other capitals. They were Salvador and Rio de Janeiro.

#9. One of the world’s most treacherous places is in Brazil.

Queimada Grande Island is among the most dangerous places in the world. There is another name for this island, and it is Snake Island. No one can pass in the area without authorization from the authorities. The island has approximately about 45 poisonous snakes per 100m.

#10. Brazil has the maximum number of national parks in America.

Along with so many different wildlife species and animals, Brazil also has many national parks. The country has almost 72 national parks in total. Most of these parks are there in the northern part of the country.

#11. Soccer is a prevalent sport in the country of Brazil.

Brazil Soccer

Football is the most famous sport in Brazil. The national football team of Brazil has won the Fifa World Cup five times. This is the maximum number of times any country has won it.

Brazil is a lively and exciting country. And these were some of the most random and interesting facts about the country. Did you know any of these facts already?


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