Interesting facts about Cancer Zodiac


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Cancer is a water sign. It is the fourth sign and is a very emotional and sensitive sign. Cancers are extraordinarily psychic. Their fellow water signs are Scorpio and Pisces who share these psychic abilities with them. They care deeply for family and friends in their life. Affection, love, peace, and harmony are the most needed balance for them in life. Let’s find out a few interesting traits about this zodiac.

#1. Their emotional roller coaster


Cancerians are very emotional and sensitive personality. Individuals of these zodiacs are known to be very nurturing and caring. And they do care and nurture their friends and family very deeply. They get moody at times and indecisive. This happens to them often because their emotions are all over the place at times.

#2. Passion and love

Cancers are very sensitive. They take a very long time to let someone in. In relationships, Cancers are very vulnerable and soft-hearted. They are very protective of those they love. Cancers are very loyal and this deep affection for love comes from their devotion to the person with whom they are in love with. Those people are highly passionate and very committed to their partners in relationships. Their opposite sign is Capricorn. Cancer is most compatible with Taurus, Capricorn, Scorpio, and Pisces.

#3. The dark side of cancer


Water signs Cancer, Pisces, and scorpion are ruled by the moon. Their emotions are affected as the moon keeps changing its phases. Cancer gets hypersensitive if someone breaks their heart. Or they get upset with minute things as for being overly sensitive. This triggers their negative side. They start to burn excessively into their emotions. Then they become gloomy and angry, harsh, and brutal.

#4. Negative traits

Once they become negative, with self-absorbed thoughts and emotions, there is no getting back to being positive. If they are giving affection and attention to their partners, they want the same reciprocation of affection back. If this doesn’t happen, they get moody and clingy, and brood all over you until they get their way past it. They get clingy and you may feel suffocated because of this. They also get very moody if people around them don’t understand them. This troubles them and they get very frustrated because nobody understands them.

#5. Positive traits


Cancers are known to be very generous, empathetic, compassionate, and caring. They are family people and are super protective and loyal. Cancerians love to live in a cozy and warm environment at home which acts like the layers of their protective shell. These individuals make passionate and loving partners when in a relationship. They are fun and adventurous. They are clever and silly. they are extremely psychic and deeply intuitive. Can understand other people’s emotions very well and are good advice-givers.

Cancers are passionate, protective, deep, also fragile, disobedient, and clingy types. They are understanding lovers. Being the 4th sign of the zodiac Cancer is the ruler of home and family.


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