Interesting facts about Gemini


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Gemini is the third sign and rules the third planet of the zodiac. Gemini is represented by the twins. These zodiacs are of air signs and are mutable. They want to know about everything and have answers for everything in their life. Individuals of these zodiacs are very clever. Let’s learn some of their positive and negative traits, along with the romance and relationships and also their dark side of personality.

#1. Positive traits


Gemini is a positive mutable sign. Individuals of these zodiac signs value their freedom the most, and they are never stuck on past experiences or their bad memories. These people never even dwell on it. This is the most amazing and powerful quality they possess naturally, whereas signs like Leos, Scorpion, cancer, they dwell on past so bad they can hold a grudge onto people for their lifetimes. Whereas Gemini has this great gift of letting go of things easily and live freely and move on swiftly where life takes them.

#2. Negative traits

Since Gemini is represented by twins, they are very tricky and they trick us easily in their web of lies and betrayal. Often becomes restless, ruthless, tedious, they start giving overstatements, they overemphasize on it which is not a desirable trait of Gemini zodiac. Gemini will never face a conflict and will walk away from it before things go out of control. They don’t like too much drama in life and think avoiding any conflicts will do them better.

#3. Love and romance


Gemini is very loyal, to their friends and their partners. Gemini is very choosy though when it comes to relationships. But once you have their trust, you just made an ally in Gemini for a lifetime. They never live according to any rules, Gemini is a true free spirit. Once Gemini is truly committed to their partners, they share all their knowledge and all their information without hesitation. Well, to be in love with these beautiful creatures, you’ll always have to value a Gemini and the relationship between the two of you the most rather than being right. This will give a boost to their pride and they will be very appreciative and loving in return.

#4. Gemini are gifted linguistically

That’s why they are amazing in languages and good communicators. Gemini knows different things and basically, they are a collection of books for many different topics. A Gemini needs to tackle their creative gifted visuality. When they will do this, they will make a change in this world for the better. Somedays they are communicative and the other days they are silent. Between these two they live.

#5. Deepest darkest trait

Of Gemini, they take emotions intellectually, have a tough time understanding other people’s emotional consequences, or sympathize with them.

Their dark Gemini twin is evil, mischievous, liar, thieves, and ambivalent.

All signs are expressive in negative, positive ways, Gemini is no more different. Geminis display dualism in variety.


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