Interesting facts about Taurus


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Taurus is the second sign in the zodiacal wheel and is represented by the Bull. Taurus is an earth sign, and it is fixed. It is one of the strongest hardworking zodiac signs. These natives represent fondness for worldly pleasures. This sign possesses over a powerful along with a silent attitude. Their mantra in life is similar to a very well-known quote, “slow and steady wins the race”. (Taurus “April 20-May 20)

Let’s check out some amazing facts about these fascinating bulls of the zodiac.

#1. The personality of a Taurus

These natives are headstrong personalities, but they do get confused sometimes when it comes to decision making. They love luxury and comfort and mostly all the good things in their life. Taurus do compromise where they feel like, and they do loathe selfish people. These people are down to earth individuals and as an earth sign, they very much like to be around nature. They rather love mountains and traveling is in their nature.

#2. Taurus loves having loads of fun


Taurus loves to gossip and sometimes they even can get selfish. This doesn’t mean that they aren’t selfless. Taurus has several groups of friends and they outshine everyone every time. It comes easily to them and they got good communication skills and are sometimes lazy when it comes to hardworking. In the house for example; doing chores, or intellectually for example; studying. Stuff like these bores them. They only want to do something like living lavishly and luxuriously and being in someone’s company, hanging out, partying, or just having fun living life their way, they love all these fun and relaxing kind of stuff in life.

#3. Love and relationships

Taurus are sensitive beings at heart. They are very down to earth, simple kind of people. They will never say I love you unless they mean it. These people are very sensual beings and are amazing lovers. They need to know you are loyal and genuine and you need to prove to them, that you will never give up without a fight. Giving up is not in their nature, and they will not accept any less from you. Sensual, passionate, and with a warm heart they love passionately. You will never see another love like it when a Taurus will show you their love.

#4. The dark side of a Taurus


So, Taurus is an earth sign, which makes it immovable on earth. Also, it is a fixed sign. This nature of theirs is the root cause of their dark side. Rigidness, laziness, stubbornness, Taurus has negative personality traits such as these and their anger worsens when provoked.

#5. Quality over quantity

Are what matters most to Taurus. Also, just like Capricorn, they would rather dress up in clothes that make them feel comfortable and warm and cozy.

Taurus is the sweetest and little meanest sign, and if you ever come across them in form of friendships or partners, know that it will be special.


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