Kissing- Curious facts one must know


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Kissing could mean anything between two people. From passionate to sexual to excitement and a social behaviour. Kissing though has a lot more to it than the above said emotions. From smooching, snogging, lip-locks to whatever you want to call it, Kissing my dear friends is one of the favorite parts of falling in love with another person. Now one may wonder, can something that makes us feel this lovely ever be curious? Of course.

#1- It is an exercise in itself-


I know what you’re thinking all the fitness buffs. It may not burn as much calories as we want, but hey it does flex around ‘112’ postural muscles and 34 facial muscles per kiss!!! That’s a good warm up I would say.

#2- Love your teeth? Smooch more often-

Our teeth is one thing that makes our smile that much more electrifying. We wouldn’t want them gone and decayed soon now would we? While smooching the saliva flow is enhanced and that in turn helps clean the food particles between your teeth and protect the tooth enamel. Doesn’t sound tasty for other person involved though.

#3- Better resistant to allergies-

We all know that our mouth has hundreds of thousands of bacteria. Smooching another person allows transfer of this and increase one’s resistance and fight infections better. Curious!!!

#4- 10% of the world’s cultures don’t share a kiss-

Some regions in the African continent near Sudan believe that the mouth is the path to one’s soul. Hence they avoid smooching altogether in fear of their soul getting stolen. Contrary to that an average person spends around two weeks of their life kissing.

#5- Which side do you tilt your head?


Have you noticed that you tilt your head to one side when you kiss? Approximately two-third of the world’s population tip to their right. This preference may start when you are a fetus. One’s kissing style apparently originates in the womb

#6- What do men prefer? –

I may be seen as a Joker for stating this, but according to a study many men are particular about who they have kissed rather than who they went to bed with. This may suggest that kissing is somehow more about love than coitus itself!!!

#7- There is an attractive career option in the science of kissing-


The study of kissing or as it is better known as philematology in the scientific circles is the study of kissing, what it means and its place in various cultures constitutes attractive career option if one is into kissing. And for those of you wondering what a person who studies kissing is called- osculologist.

#8- Kissing meant show of Respect in ancient Greco-Roman culture-

In Greco-Roman culture, Kissing played an important role and was seen as a sign of respect, thanks, reunion, and agreement, as well as as a rite of inclusion. Kisses were exchanged between a whole host of people like political leaders, teachers, and priests. Hence, the kiss of Judas (“Kiss of Death”) to betray Christ inverted the very point of kissing in terms of early Christian context.


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