Random Facts to kill your BOREDOM


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Bored? Worry not, we have some interesting mind blowing facts  that will blow of your mind ,and kill your boredom. Learning something new is a great way to kick out your boredom.  Here are some amazing true facts to kill your boredom, or at least occupy your time until something better comes along.

* Ladies crave for romance more when their tummies are full.romance
* The typical speed of human ejaculation is approximately 28 mph. But inside the vagina, it can move only 6 inches in 5 mins!


* You are magnetized towards a flame because your pineal gland feeds on light. It increases intuition, alertness, psychic abilities, creativity and improve sleep.



* After reading this, celebrities will go crazy… “At least 5 people have been murdered for unfriending someone via Facebook”


* It may sound weird; Cows do not have upper front teeth.



* Your dog does not realize when you make mistakes. When you trip over him in dark, he thinks you just got up to knock him in the head.


* Fidgeting(tapping feet or drumming your fingers)can spend to 350 calories  on daily basis and is common trait of lean/skinny individuals.


* The sun is actually bright as white, but our atmosphere makes it look yellowish to us.


* King Tut owned a dagger from outer space, when did he had time to go ??


* Japanese square watermelons are ornamental plants and aren’t toothsome & we were wondering all this while; how can they eat them?


* The brain is our fattiest organ, being composed of nearly 60% fat, do people have brain fat check meter?


* what a bummer!!!! Canadians apologize way too much ( Sorry) govt passed law in 2009 declaring that an apology cannot be used as evidence of admission to guilt.


* If a Polar Bear and a Grizzly Bear mate, their offspring is called a ‘Pizzly Bear’, poor bear 🙁


* Back when dinosaurs existed , there used to be volcanoes on the moon & still it looks white.. may be LAVA was white 😀


* Vanilla flavoring is usually made with the urine of beavers. Creepy alert!


* It is thought by Russians that eating ice creams will keep you warm, which is why we don’t understand when they speak


* We take so many things for granted, as a reminder, December 3rd is known as “Roof over your Head Day”- a day to be grateful of what we have in life!


* Eating grapefruit can restrict the effects of 43 different kinds of medications & people thought… ” An apple a day keeps doctors away”


*It is illegal to die in Svalbard, a remote Norwegian island. Really??


* In the 1980’s, Owner of “Pringles”, Fredric Baur, requested to be buried in a “Pringles CAN” & his children honoured the request. WOW…

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