These 10 Stress Management Techniques Can Help You Relax During Stressful Times


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The world of today can be a little stressful. The economy is not on your side and the daily news is getting depressing each day. Sometimes, it feels like your head is going to explode! You may often go online and read blogs about stress management, and everywhere the blogs tell you to relax. 

Well, you did try! 

Nothing really works. Maybe going to the spa or an exotic place would help, but you really can’t afford it right now. You need to save money for the future, right?

There are many things to stress about, but stress management is the key. Here are a few stress management techniques that can help you relax:

#1. Meditation



Science approves of it. Many studies show meditation can alter your brain chemistry and help you relax. So, just sit, close your eyes and recite a positive affirmation – ‘I am at peace’ or ‘I am complete.’ Let the distracting thoughts go away.

#2. Breathing

A simple stress management exercise is breathing. Sit straight, keep your eyes shut, and keep your hands on your belly. Inhale slowly and feel the air flowing through your abdomen area and going up and cooling your brain. Then, slowly let it go via your mouth.

#3. Be in the present

Don’t just rush to do some work. Stay calm and be in the present. Become aware of your entire surroundings. Feel the wind in your face, and if you go in your garden, feel the grass tickling under your feet. Enhance your senses.

#4. Talk


In this connected world, reach out to your friends and talk. If you are facing a problem, share it with your friends. You can also find support groups online, where you can find help by remaining anonymous.

#5. Be aware of your body

stress management

When stress accumulates in your mind, your body responds to it too. That’s why stress management is essential. Lie down on your back or sit by grounding your feet on the floor. Try to understand how your body is feeling inside, from your toe to the scalp. If you feel tightness in any spot, use breathing exercises and feel it loosening up.

#6. Decompress

If you are over-stressed, it might be time to decompress. Wrap a warm towel around your shoulders and neck for about ten minutes. Relax by closing your eyes. You can even sit by resting your body against the wall and keeping a warm ball between the wall and your back. Keep the pressure on for 15 seconds by leaning against it. It can lower stress.

#7. Laugh


Laughing helps to lower your cortisol. So, start binging on your favorite sitcom series, read comics, and make your mood lighter. Laugh out loud and see how endorphins flood your brain.

#8. Music



Music affects us in deep ways. So, turn on some soothing music or nature sounds like the chirping of birds and imagine yourself in the midst of nature. You can even sing on your own and let off some steam.

#9. Start moving

Exercise. Exercise helps you lower your stress as it releases feel-good hormones in your body. You don’t have to bring out the heavy stuff. A bit of yoga, jogging or even stretching can have a great effect on you.

#10. Gratitude

A simple stress management method is to be grateful for your life. So, keep a gratitude journal, and start recalling and recording things that you are grateful for. It will help you savor life.

Use stress management techniques to help you with your stress. It will make your life so much better.


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