Foodie: Thoughts only you can relate too


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One cannot go long without eating food and for those of us who are fortunate to have three meals a day and even more fortunate and blessed to have the choice of food for those meals, it forms an essential part of our daily routine.

Foodies have an eternal relationship with Food in general. One cannot hide their feelings about food and it is always there at the forefront of their thoughts. That said there are some thoughts and feelings only a true blue foodie can relate to.

#1- Food is love and cannot go to waste-


Me being a foodie and surrounded by friends who eat to their heart, mind and tummy’s content can say with utmost conviction that no foodie will ever dare to waste food. Even if that food doesn’t match up to their taste buds and expectation.

#2- Positive outlook-

This is purely for those always optimistic souls. The famous saying- “When life throws lemons at you, take out a shot glass, some salt and the tequila bottle” is apt for foodie’s. Only they can relate to the most difficult situations in terms of food and spin it into a positive situation.

#3- Innovative ideas-

Most of us tend to eat what is available. But, if you’re friends with a foodie be rest assured that you will get to taste something new from the ordinary. Their mind works on a different plane and they usually end up making something brilliant from as simple as chips and rum.

#4- Kitchen is THE place-


For the normal peeps we have a seperate prayer hall and room, but for the beloved foodies, Kitchen is the place of worship. A normal person sleep walking is a problem, but a foodie sleep walking and one usually knows where they would end up. No prizes there for guessing my dear friends!!!

#5- FOOD is a foodies favorite four letter word-

Ask a foodie, what is his favorite four letter word? There’s only one winner here. Food is the priority even over a good you know what I’m thinking.

#6- Download food-

A while back I read a meme which said- “I wouldn’t be impressed with Food unless I can download them.”
Now how many of us have just drooled over those beautiful food images posted by our friends and wanted to eat the food on the picture? How many of us at that moment hoped that it would be wonderful if I could just download the food. P.S, no foodie will have enough patience to take multiple photos. We just want to eat.

#7- Dieting? What’s that-

No foodie will have the word “DIET” on his/her dictionary. Even if they’re forced into a situation to diet, the first thing they realize is, this is exactly what and how I should be eating!!!

#8- Hungry? Not Hungry? Bored? No problem, eat away-


For a true foodie doesn’t have to be hungry to eat. Any emotion can trigger a want to eat and that’s exactly what they will do.

#9- Sharing is caring? No sorry-

A foodie will never share their food even with their most beloved. They don’t mind buying the same dish twice (and taking more than half from the other person’ plate), but will not share their food. Joey comes to mind anyone?

#10- There’s always place for Desserts-


Food is for the tummy, but Deserts are for the heart or so the saying goes. Any food lover’s course would end by a serving of deserts. After all nothing really satisfies the heart like a good desert.


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