Unknown Facts About Scorpio Zodiac


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Scorpios are always surrounded by an air of mystery. Just like Pisces, it is a water sign. Highly intuitive, intense, and alluring. But this sign holds much darker traits than any other Zodiac signs. They are cynical, sarcastic, hysterical, and can read people like a book just like Pisces. They can read people with their mind. Mentioned below are some rare and unknown facts about Scorpio.

#Fact 1:

Scorpio is the manipulator of the zodiac. They can manipulate anybody. But there is a little catch here. The only sign a Scorpio cannot manipulate is a Pisces. 🙂

#Fact 2:

Scorpios could not even get broken, on the fact of what you did to them, but they will let you see from their eyes how you exactly made them feel. Beware!

#Fact 3:

scorpio zodiac

Scorpio is not the drama type. They are more into transparency and keeping things or relationships real and transparent.  No drama.

#Fact 4:

Betrayal and being lied to is intolerable for a Scorpio. They are human lie detectors and can smell your lies from miles away.

#Fact 5:

Scorpios are sex addicts. They love sex like anything, and it works for them as escapism from harsh reality for some time.

#Fact 6:

A Scorpio is intense and mysterious even alluring, emotional, passionate, possessive, obsessed, and has trust issues. They are very private about everything they do. So much for being mysterious. :0

#Fact 7:

They rule the zodiacal wheel, and you will come to know why.

#Fact 8:

As dark and dangerous they are, they also have a soft spot for the people they truly are in love with. Just like their fellow water sign Pisces, they are highly intuitive and psychic as well.

#Fact 9:

They are as powerful as hell and very secretive. Even savage sometimes. They are chill, serene, and calm.

#Fact 10:

When in love Scorpio can become very jealous and possessive of their partners. They prefer blunt truths, rather than sweet lies.

#Fact 11:


They are highly intelligent.  They are master manipulators of the zodiac. Although when it comes to friendships, they are caring and selfless.

#Fact 12:

Scorpio will never- ever give up on anything in life. They are aggressively brutal, when in power,  they would use people to do their bidding, and they never care about what you think. They are vindictive towards a fault and they revenge on people who have betrayed them.

#Fact 13:

These reasons can sometimes be an end to a relationship with a Scorpio because they are somewhat knowingly or unknowingly vowed to break your heart. Proceed carefully!

#Fact 14:

Scorpios are gifted, brilliant, intelligent, disobedient, stubborn as a mule, strong-willed, amusing, ironic, independent, impulsive, aggressive daredevils. They never cease to amuse us in their mysterious ways.

#Fact 15:

Sex with a Scorpio is far away from lust, but it is their tour of existence as well as a fondness for love and affection. Feelings are what truly matters for Scorpio here. Making Scorpio extremely sensual and passionate sign of the zodiacal hoop.


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