What to eat in order to unclog arteries and take better care of the heart ?


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Considering the modern day lifestyle it is very common to give into the food cravings of readily available junk items like burgers pizzas cold drinks available at various outlets . The stress in order to meet the demands of success in this rat race has made man crazy to such extent that one has forgotten to take care of the most important part of our body . The organ which is responsible for all the other organs. Yes you are absolutely right. I’m talking about the heart , the dear one that pumps the blood through it all. We have forgotten that what we eat is what makes us strong what we eat is what keeps us healthy. And here it leads to the most well known statement that definitely needs a revisit “Health is Wealth.”

Looking at the current facts , almost 10 million cases per year are recorded on the buildup of fat , cholesterol and other substances in and on the artery walls , which we all know are how very important in keeping the blood flow throughout our body .This buildup of cholesterol plague is referred to atherosclerosis.The disease knows no age and can be cured with healthy food and lifestyle. I have tried to list below a few items that would help you avoid such a condition and take better care of your heart.

#1. Oats :

This wonder cereal grain is a rich source of fiber, magnesium , phosphorous and zinc that not only helps one lose weight , but the soluble fibre in them is primarily useful to form a vicious gel to declog the arteries.

So, a bowl of porridge becomes a must have in breakfast. And for a change , you can also try oat pancakes that taste yum !

#2. Beans :

This vegetable family darling is a great source of vegetarian protein. Commonly consumed world wide in the form of chickpeas, kidney beans,black beans,soybeans,pinto beans, Navy beans , each known for their rich source of fiber and vitamin B’s.

#3. Lentils :

This great addition to soups and stew prepration is very essential in reducing the bad cholesterol and increasing the good cholesterol helping in the hearts health.

#4. Avocado :

Most dieticians favourite and a savoury element of exotic salads and spreads , this green fruit is a replacement for bad fat and helps raise the HDL cholesterols and lowers the LDL in turn.

#5. Asparagus :

These green fibrous stalks are full of a helpful phytonutrient termed as quercetin that helps in deplaqing the clogged arteries.

#6.Pistachio :

The plant sterols in them helps block cholesterol being absorbed in the gut keeping it happier and healthier which in turn passes on the goodness to your heart.

#7. Broccoli :

This cruciferous veggie has cancer fighting , anti flammatory properties that can also help lower bread pressure helping you keep your heart healthier.

#8. Watermelon :

This fruit being a wonder source of citrulline , amino acid helps in relaxing and blood vessels and maintaining a cool head and normal blood pressure.

#9. Pomegranate:

This Iranian cum north indian discovered fruit is known to be an abundant source of antioxidants. It has known to improve blood flow and reduce the plague in arteries. Be cautious while consuming it alongwith certain blood pressure medicines.

#10. Whole grains :

It is the fibre in them that has been known to do the magical trick of reducing a person’s risk of a heart attack by 25%.

It’s all a continuous process of addition of the above food items along with an exercise regime is what primarily keeps diseases at bay.

Here’s wishing for a happy heart and healthy living to all you dear readers .


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